Absolutum Dominium

A pen fit for a King

an extraordinary writing tool (or type of writing tool

This pen is special in many more ways then one would imagine. The exquisite fountain pen is made by Solam, a high tech company.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The writing instrument as fountain pen does a miraculous job. It never falters or blocks writing.
Inner workigns of the writing instrument are partly known and partly kept secret. What is publicly known is the endless ink. and the statement of Solam that they can establish real from forged documents if the pen is used. Unknown to the public is the fact that the pen stores DNA information in the ink while writing. Secondly, the DNA markers, health status of the one writing as well as audio-visuals surrounding and more are instantly transferered to the vaults of Solam on Earth. This is a secret that is kept by the Monks. The pen has a quantum mechanical data transport mechanism and is powered by the crystal encasing. It's impossible to open, tamper with or influnece. It will self destruct without any trace of the inner workings.

Manufacturing process

the pen is created by the Tibetan monks (Solam Veritas). they groiw the basic crystals in a specific cylindrical tank and when the pen is almost ready to build they use sound techniques to form the housing for the pen.


The ink doesn't fade, the pen writes on any material that is solid enough. These high end writing instruments are sold to presidents, heads of state, kings and queens... but also to heads of corporations or businessmen.
The pen is build to gather information using special technology to record and authenticate the writing. The Monks are very well informed and use this proof to protect their way of living.
Item type
Each fountain pen is unique, handmade and designed for a lifetime. The quality of any pen made by Solam is extraordinary. The engineering quality is significantly more complicated then one would imagine. It is a truely magnificent writing instrument, exquisite in design and finesse.
84 gram
Raw materials & Components
TYhe pen is amde from several metals, highly sophisticated and very well protected quantum electronica and a quantum signal converter.
The tibetan monks made the pen by hand, from wood, later they created metal ones and now they forge the pen from crystaline structure. To create the crystaline structure the pen casing has to be added under high pressure and molten crystals.


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