Westwin Quill


Once held by the infamous Aelli Westwin, the first Whisper-Scribe, the Westwin Quill is believed to have been enchanted with unnatural properties by Madame Westwin herself. The Quill itself can be found on display at the Ravenpeak Chamber of History as the centerpiece for the Whisper-Scribe exhibit. The Quill itself can be activated by whispering a secret in its direction, causing it to move as if attempting to write down your words. How the Quill is able to distinguish secret from common fact is not explained by the museum or its curators.



All viewers of the Quill are kept underwatch by the curators to ensure that no one takes the time to study the Quill or its exact properties. Viewers are kept at minimum 4 feet away from the Quill at all times and are not allowed to look at it through any instruments or spells.


As of 78 of Fall, visitors are no longer allowed to pray to the Quill in an attempt to gain knowledge of its secrets. After several undisclosed incidents and a complete shift change of curators, this rule is now strictly upheld. Any attempts to worship the Quill is met with swift punishment.

General Information

Item type
Unique Artifact
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