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Prompt 6: Runic Pens

Runic pens have been around since ancient times. Originally used by the Lazari to keep records or to communicate with each other. The Fellowship would use the pens similarly to communicate and organize. Thus these tools would be used again and again. Both for war and during times of peace. These tools have proven to truly be better than any blade. - A Historian from Salire
    A runic pen or magic pen is capable of writing what another runic pen writes. This allows for a writer to write copies of what they are writing. This is often used by reporters in the city of Salire to write down notes or stories that can be instantly edited by the their editors.   With the right ink a runic pen can also be used in the art of casting runic spells using scrolls and a zidian pearl. There have been a few instances where a single runic mage was able to cast a barrage of powerful fire balls by setting up a couple of runic pens and scrolls around an intended ambush point.   Another common use of the pen is simply to relay messages between two individuals. By each person taking turns writing on paper they can send messages to each other. This has been used for communication by some as it allows for messages to not be intercepted,


It has been very important throughout history as a means of keeping records and storing information.
We at the Salire times are once again reminded of how we are able to do our job thanks to the tools we have. The most important of these is the runic pens which allows to write, record, and copy what we write. Thus allowing us to mass produce and spread information far faster than if we would be able to do without it. Even as newer models are made and designed, the runic pens will always hold a place in our society. - The Salire Times
A very common tool that has existed through out history.

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