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Ink Brush

The ink brush is a writing tool in use by many societies. In Felora, it has been in use since the Early Imperial Era, when it replaced the tool used to write Feloran Cuneiform. Two Feloran writing systems have been written with the ink brush, and it is also an artistic tool. Early Feloran Script replaced the ancient cuneiform in use by the nobility and the civil service, though it was based on the cuneiform's symbols. Modern Feloran Script, also written with the tool revises the calligraphy for the brush instead of trying to mimic the old system of indents and impressions.   Introduction of the ink brush as the main writing implement in the Empire ushered in an era of widespread literacy as the skill to write on parchment or velum (and later paper) was less than the skill in cuneiform writing. Even today, with Feloran society at a general low point, ink brushes are widely available in most markets outside of the Soveriegnty of Soren.   In art, the ink brush is an important tool for what Felorans term "reflective" and "recreational" art. Reflective works include poetry which is written both for the value of it's word and the style of the calligraphy, while recreational works include landscape paintings and portraits of the self. A reflective-recreational combination often includes paintings on religious matters such as depictions of various Yīra. The brush is traditionally made out of hair from mules, horses, or even people. More expensive materials are often imbued with magical enchantments, and works written with special ink brushes are highly regarded. In general, the more important the written product will be, the more exotic the materials of the brush (some handles have been made from bone, some hair from magical animals such as unicorns or cervidae).
Item type
Widespread in Felora
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
  • A source of hair for the brush
  • A material for the handle

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