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The Quill of Knowledge

The Chief Deity of The Human Pantheon, Fenrua, is often depicted holding a quill. This quill, beautifully made of a long greenish blue tail feather of The Celestial Peacock is said to be able to write all the knowledge in the world and evoke powers that otherwise wouldn't be able to exist. The Quill is mentioned in a legend called The Peacock's Sacrifice, or How the Human Pantheon was born and plays a central role in it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is said that the tip of the quill glides on the paper. It never runs out of ink and always writes what is needed the most. In that way, the quill can be said to have a speck of sentience.


It cannot be disputed that the significance of the Quill is great. According to the legend, the War of the Gods, Theomachy, would have been lost during on one previous circle, but with the Quill Fenrua was able to create rest of The Human Pantheon to aid him and the others in the eternal fight. The god Fenrua is often depicted holding the Quill and it is one of his most famous symbols.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Holder
According to the legends, The Celestial Peacock resides among the stars nowadays, so no more feathers can be obtained to craft a similar quill. Or at least it will extremely difficult to get one. The Quill is an unique magical artifact, grafted by a god himself, but used in the creation of the whole new human pantheon. Its power is enough to give birth to deities, so the might of the written word should not be undermined.


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