The Mind-Quiller

"A Sharp Mind brings a sharp Point."   The Mind-Quiller is a quirky name for a scientific marvel. Not an actual quill, as the name might imply, the writing system in question is a means of interfacing between one's mind and the material world. Early prototypes consisted of a helmet of sorts connected to the databank into which the user's information was to be stored.   However, the more refined version of the Mind Quiller is simply the data bank which one can interact with, usually via their hand being placed onto it. Using a method that likely has to do with The World of Souls,┬áthe simple touch of the user allows the data bank to interface directly with the user's mind. Doing so, information and thoughts from the individual are enabled to be placed into the data bank in words.  


The main limitation of the Mind-Quiller is that it can only store words. This is, after all, its purpose. Yet it should be understood that this means that the raw knowledge or understandings that are stored within the mind, often unknown by Human language, must be articulated into words that can represent them, even if, inevitably, done so imperfectly. This is, in the end, what all writing does, so it is in no way unique to the Mind-Quiller as a disadvantage. This brings us to the second limitation. The nature of thoughts confines them, barring telepathy, to the brain. The purpose of language, then, is to enable the ideas of the mind to spread to the minds of others, however best that they can. Yet the action of doing so involves the speaker ordering those thoughts into a way that conforms to the language at hand. In order to use the Mind-Quiller, which does all of the writing and translating itself, the user must have a focused or naturally ordered mind for the device to interface with. This limits those who can use it by a large degree.


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