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Voice to Scroll Quill

In the University of Tormyra, lecture halls fill with students listening to their lecturers. Some students take better notes than others - for those who struggle with taking notes, there are quills enchanted with Voice to Scroll. These quills are not encouraged, with several lecturers setting up magic-dampening fields with the help of the city guards and their enchantments.  
"It's easy - have the enchanter lock the quill in to the speaker, have a scroll or something writable set under the quill, and be within a hundred and fifty feet of the speaker."
  In the past, spies and others have used the quills to gain access to secrets or personal information the individual would rather keep to themselves, which is part of why the University does not encourage the use of these quills.   These quills are, however, handy for writing scrolls storing spells when longer spell recitations are needed, or for recording what is included with the spell's storing.   Individuals who write scripts, speeches, books, treaties, and essays also find the scrolls convenient for writing down exactly what is said and how it is said. As convenient as the quills are, their enchantments fade out of use within a week of being enchanted, turning into regular quills unless re-enchanted. The quills do not require ink unless the enchantment fails.   Mages who enchant items are generally looked down upon by the more academic mages, but those same academic mages are often the ones who will hire the enchanters. Some stories passed around the University describe a professor going to a former student for such a quill, however, the professor had been particularly cruel to students in the past, and the former student took their revenge by keying the quill to the professor, but modifying the enchantment to only write on the skin of the speaker.  
"I'd never do such a thing, but I would shake the hand of whoever did that to the man. They deserve a greater reward than a threat of having their magic stripped from them."
— Ademalian of Ethnis
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