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Universal Device Stylus

A Universal Device Stylus, usually simply refered to by the name of its ancient predecessor: stylus, is a digital input device that can be used in conjunction with most devices such as computer terminals, mobile devices(comunicators and personal digital assistants), game consoles, graphics tablets and to interact with augmented reality applications.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A rudimentary single-use stylus can be as simple as a plastic stick with an accelerometer to detect movement of the stylus, a transmitter to transfer the data to a device and an integrated non-swapable battery. These are found in every Grid-Coffeeshop, at all public transport stations and Kiosks.
A professional stylus on the other hand is a precision instrument loaded with features. A conductive tip to enable use with a capacitive-multitouch screen. A nano camera for the use with digital paper and to scan texts. A variety of electronic componets, sensors and transmitters whose signals are picked up by a device's digitzer and transmitted to its controller, providing data on stylus location, pressure, button pressses and other functionality. A microphone that allows the use as intelligent dictation machine. Digital data storage or in the case of very high-end models complete mobile nano computers. It is also common that the stylus is rechargeable by multiple methods such as induction, cable or battery swap.
Item type
Ever since digitalization has replaced paper based writing, Universal Device Styli have become ubiquitous. Even more so than pens and penciles were due to the broad spectrum of applications styli can be used for.   Despite the Introduction of the AR Glove, the stylus has persisted as tool of choice for many due its pin-point precision, where as writing and 2D drawing is a weakness of the AR Glove.
Base Price
As little as 1₡ for single-use models, hundreds for professional models, to tens of thousands for luxurious models.

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