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Mind Writer

The Mind Writer, while initially invented by Dotz to help Rho speed up chronicling his knowledge, has proven to be useful to a multitude of people, and has been released on the market for a high price due to the lack of materials needed to make it.   It functions by attaching to the users' temple and interfacing your brain directly with the console/computer in question and types out exactly what you intend to type. Note that it's not the same as typing what you're thinking, as the level of commitment is taken into account. The device will only log what the user intends to write, not whatever they're thinking, preventing random thought tangents from getting mixed into whatever is being written.   It's worth noting that the ruler of Earth, Veritas himself makes use of this technology, as his species don't exactly have hands meant for finer tasks.   Although Dotz was the inventor of this particular device, technology that reads into your mind is actually a development of the Neuronites. Their particular use of this technology allows them to interface with their entire fleet without leaving the spot they are plugged into.    


  This isn't anything major, really. I just got to thinking that since Rho has the special ability to know anything he wants, he'd be at a computer for his entire life trying to catalog it all. So I came up with this neat little device that he uses that catalogs it at a much faster rate, allowing him to go on the adventures I planned for him. Of course, it's only logical that such a device would be available to other people as well.
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