Mendiath's Author's Quill

One of the most unique items ever created is the Veloria Publishing Company Author Quill. While it may seem to be nothing more than a self-writing stylus it tends to write what you mean and not precisely what you command it to write. The first Author Quill was created as a gag gift for Brentwill Othras's 300th birthday by the mage Mendiath Ralamoon.   Mendiath, being a long-time friend and associate of Brentwill claims to have spent many an evening listing to Brentwill rant long and hard about the cruddy writing he was being forced to read every day as a senior editor for the Veloria Publishing Company. Brentwill having spent over one hundred years working with various authors helping to produce the fine works that Veloiria Publishing was known for had grown from a cheerful helpful editor into someone that most periodicals tried to hire as a writing critic because he could make people cry bloody tears with his sharp remarks on their poor writing skills.   The first Author Quill was given to Brentwill at the birthday celebrations and Brentwill immediately gave it to one of the more famous authors of the day Chariel K. Loglegs who was a regular recipient of Brentwill's ire. Chariel tried the quill out with her latest work as she rewrote it to meet Brentwill's exacting standards. Brentwill was said to have cried upon seeing an almost correct manuscript for the first time in his life.   The publishing company's board immediately saw an opportunity and commissioned Mendiath to make more of the quills. It is not known how many of these quills were eventually created but it is estimated at less than 200 total. Initially, the quills were kept a secret by the publishing company but eventually, an outraged author outed the secret and this caused a backlash by the reading public who boycotted the Veloria Publishing Company's works claiming they were not written by the actual authors at all.   The quills were collected and locked away at the Veloria Publishing Company's main office in Gracia. What happened to them since is not known. Veloria Publishing then spent the next twenty years trying to sweep the quills and the associated backlash by the reading public into the dusty corners of history. It took the Veloria Publishing Company forty years to fully recover its sterling reputation.  


The quill required the type of ink and paper used by mages around the world for creating magical tombs and scrolls. The user would load the pen's small ink reserve and then carefully balance the quill at the starting point for the writing.   The quill will always write lines of precisely 6 inches long in Duianna Imperial language, regardless of the speaking language of the writer. It was hinted that the pens could be made to write in other languages but how to make them do so, if at all possible, was never revealed. The quill will write prose as dictated out loud by the wielder. However, the pen will pause as if considering what has been said before writing the next section. The writing that it produces is sharp, clear, and generally adjective-free. It will continue to write until lifted off the page. If it runs out of ink it lays down in place and once given more ink will always finish what it was writing before continuing on to any other dictations. The quill will stop writing if it runs out of paper.   The quill has only one style of writing clear, concise, and thorough.  

Current Count

There is only one known Author Quill not locked away. It is owned by Duke that he refused to give back. Where he has it is unknown. But, he says it works great for him since he can't write himself.

Manufacturing process

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Unique Artifact
0.0083 ounces
9 inches long
Base Price
2,300 Crowns (9,200 GP)
Raw materials & Components
A fine gray and green flight feather from an unidentifiable bird. A silver shank that has several red and blue gem flakes encrusted around the vent hole.

Cover image: by Leeland Artra


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