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The gods foresaw the end of all worlds. In an epic race of magic and ingenuity, the sentient peoples answered the gods' dire warning. Together the sentient races strove against time working tirelessly for The Great Salvation and with much sacrifice created this, our world Niya-Yur (the New Lands in the ancient tongue of the immortals.)   For generations, our fore-parents labored to bring their children, histories, and societies here. And still, only one in ten-thousand of all the creatures was safely evacuated to these new lands before the end of our origins. 15,000 years ago the disaster nearly destroyed these new lands as our origins burned to ash. But, the eternal Duianna Empire survived, many of the peoples and creatures found refuge in these new lands. Our cultures, beliefs, and gods survived to once again grow and flourish.   Come explore the wondrous world that our ancestors helped the gods themselves build to save us. Marvel in its beauty and balance. Give proper tribute to the gods that gave forewarning, worked to save our parents, and continue to work that we might live and prosper. Help us preserve what our mothers and fathers fought so hard to save. It is left to us now. We must do what is right, and we dare not fail.

Lords and Ladies Bless Us

“Simply put, my characters refused to answer the call
of my bad writing and did their own thing."

- Leeland Artra

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Thread Slivers

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Thread Strands

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Thread Skein

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