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Strength of Mind

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Niya-Yur
2021-01-08 | Looking for Players

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  • Aelargo Villages
Supporting Cast
  • Fendrel Crewe
    Fendrel is a slightly conceited 65-year-old human male barber. He is happily married to his second wife, his first died in childbirth of their first child who also died. He feels he was not attentive enough to his diety and now is a cautious man who wants to know every side of a story before expressing an opinion. He feels lucky to have found a home in Sendel and is very charitable with his money and support. Fendrel is medium height but beefy with plenty of muscles. His lean face is heavily pockmarked and he keeps a neat mustache. His long, wavy, blond hair is always neatly combed and braded. He has green eyes.
  • Thea Cleves
    Thea Cleves is a 56 year old female human cleric. She has long, straight, red hair and green eyes. She has rough, pockmarked, pink skin. She stands 179cm (5'11") tall and has a fat build. She smokes cigars and pipes intermittently.

Sessions Archive

22nd Jan 2021

Session 3: The Area

After spending a few days poking around the village the party has a feel for the lay of the land. Now it is time to start digging into the bandit problems and caravan robberies.

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15th Jan 2021

Session 2: Arrival

After a month of traveling the Sendel road Harbek's Hammers finally arrived at Sendel Village. Time to make introductions and begin to get a feel for the area. There is a lot to explore and it will take many days before the group has a hand on the pulse of the area.

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8th Jan 2021

Session 1: Into the mix

The Story

Many years ago a group of heroes came through the border regions of western Aelargo and cleared out a den of orcs and a number of rather unsavory evil creatures. In the process, they also discovered a legendary ancient keep where a group of humans and elves held off a large force of orcs. The keep was long abandoned, but a dark wizard had been using it as a base for her plans to take over the neighboring country of Nasur.   The heroes discovered the monstrous plans. In a long year of battles, they eventually captured the evil wizard and cleared the keep and area of monsters. The border station the heroes used as their base had attracted a number of settlers and guild journey-folk. A knight of Llino was granted the lands by the Aelargo Regents and brought more tradesfolk to the growing community. The knight had the roads shifted to pass by the keep thus making the famous keep the center of the community and his home. With the keep reoccupied, Sendel Road became a safe trade route for goods moving east and west between Nasur and Aelargo.   The Sendel community now has a walled township around the legendary Sendel Keep. Small but regular caravans travel the Sendel road moving goods between Aelargo and Nasur.   Many of the warriors and the knight who now owns the keep left to join the Nhia-Samri War with the Duianna Alliance. Most of the warriors did not return from the war and the knight was badly wounded. Although he is still able to ride he is not able to fight. With this weakening of the defenders, raiders have moved into the area. Highway thefts, raids on outlying communities, and full-scale thievery have increased to the point the knight sent out a call for help.   Our heroes, having been working together for a few years know that such a small out-of-the-way keep would not attract the brightest or best defenders. In fact, they feel that if something isn't done soon the keep might be taken by one of the stronger raider groups. Although not on a major trade route, the keep does support trade and has a promising future, if those that serve it and protect the lands remain true.   This is a true opportunity for many adventurers to make a name for themselves and possibly even join the ranks of the Daggers or Duianna Guard. At the minimum, the few caravan masters that travel that route will be appreciative if the route is made safe once again.

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