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Circumveni Desert

The deadliest land on Niya-Yur is the Circumveni Desert. It is a vast wasteland of an unforgiving desert, which spans the entire Duianna continent, from east to west, along the southern edge of the Halias-Ne Mountains. No known safe path exists across this desert, and it is plagued with strange, deadly creatures. The Circumveni Desert is dangerous and uniquely unstable for magic. The land is plagued with deadly storms of sand and magic.  
"Do you have any idea how hot the Circumveni Desert gets? I’ve heard it can kill at midday."
"We’ll need every trick if we are to survive."
— Nigan and Ticca, book 3
  One of the oddest elements of the desert is its border. It doesn't slowly blend into the adjoining lands it simply begins. There is a clear line like a cut into the world where the sands and effects of the desert begin. The heat radiates out from the desert killing off most vegetation that isn't hardy and has abundant water. The northern border is connected to the granite mountain range and is rarely seen by intelligent beings. The southern border connects with Karakia. Lothia the Raven regularly patrols the border with Karakia to prevent animals and people from accidentally crossing. There are places where one may stand on a tall hill in Karakia and look out on a valley of bones in the desert from when hundreds of animals were forced to flee a wildfire into the desert. Most died within the first half-mile of their flight.   Looking into the desert is like looking at twisting glass. The heat is so intense the air blurs in just a few feet. The horizon is nothing more than waves of light. The heat from the Circumvent Even can be distinctly felt up to six miles from its true border. Temperatures easily reaching over a hundred degrees all day long and dropping to just below the freezing point at night.  
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  In the entire known history, no expedition to the Circumveni has returned. Even teams that sought out senior Daggers who were experts in desert survival never returned or managed to send a message back.  


The area is a vast land of dunes. There are strange stone basins located randomly throughout the land. A flat wide stone road system exists that resists the desert sand scouring. In places, the roads are broken as if by an earthquake. If by some miracle adventurers survive and manage to explore they will find abandoned cities that are perfectly preserved except all living things are gone bones and all.


This is equivalent to the hardest, hottest desert on Terra. There are small bugs and large crab-like monsters which eat each other, what few plants can grow and magic. If any magic is used it will attract very dangerous creatures larger than horses that are omnivores including magic and metals. In short everything in the desert is deadly.

Ecosystem Cycles

There are no predictable cycles. Sand storms, heat storms, firestorms, and worse magic terror storms rage constantly and randomly. It can go from clear and windless to an instant storm with winds over 100 mph.

Localized Phenomena

The magics flying around the Circumveni desert are extreme and uniquely powerful. Some magic users in history have claimed to have captured some of the energies and they had devastating magnifying effects on all spells tested.

Natural Resources

There is a well-known legend that at the center of the Circumveni Desert is an ancient city that holds vast treasures both knowledge and more tangilbe riches.


Legends say that the Circumveni Desert is the remains of a fabulous advanced society of Imridu-Nam who was destroyed by their own hubris. They thought they knew better than the Gods. They attempted to overthrow the gods with their ancient knowledge and power. But, instead, they destroyed themselves in a single day, and night their entire nation was burned to sand. The stories of Circumveni are mythical parables about the dangers of going too far too fast.


Visit and die.
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Familiarity Level


Danger Level

RED - Incredibly dangerous, you will almost certainly get a severe case of deadness if you visit. Also, a massive draw for adrenaline seekers.
Archivest note: may explain why Karakian's today are so excellent at avoiding danger.

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