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Eternal Sage lartra
Leeland Artra

In the world of Niya-Yur

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Thread Skein

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When war rages on, the only hope for peace is the ultimate sacrifice…
  20,000 years into our future, female mercenary Ticca is becoming the leader she was born to be. The powerful wizard Lebuin has overcome many of his fears along the way. Both of their paths remain unclear as they team with an elite warrior squad to stop the seemingly invincible Nhia-Samri mercenary nation.
  When war is cemented and it forces the gods to exit their realm, Ticca and Lebuin seek a solution that will end the conflict. The answer isn’t what anyone expects. To stop the war, Ticca and Lebuin must put their lives on the line. Only one of them is likely to survive in an endgame that could save millions and reality itself.
  [I]Thread Skein is the third book in an epic fantasy/speculative sci-fi trilogy set in a distant future. If you like fully-realized worlds and gripping plot twists, then you’ll love the earth-shattering conclusion to Leeland Artra’s masterful series.
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  World: Niya-Yur
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