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Leeland Artra

In the world of Niya-Yur

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Thread Slivers

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"An epic, as detailed as Asimov's Foundation Trilogy."
  Ticca, a young female mercenary out to prove her worth in the big city, is hired to spy on assassins and worse by her first big client, the noble Lady Sula. But, that ends unexpectedly when she is forced to kill the assassin she was supposed to be watching.
  Lebuin a new Journeyman mage and a fastidious dandy has just learned to his horror that his new rank involves actual journeying - and dirt! Thankfully he meets and gets Ditani, an experienced manservant for mages, to join him for his undesired travels.
  When Ticca saves Lebuin from an assassination attempt in broad daylight Lebuin hires her on the spot as a bodyguard. Ticca accepts the commission in spite of her misgivings that Ditani is far more than a humble servant.
  What they don’t know is they are spiraling around Ticca’s original mission, a mission set up to prevent the destruction of the great kingdoms by a wizard using illegal time-traveling magic. One problem, no one knows exactly what is going on and the wizard got himself killed trying to nudge events in the right direction. The wizard’s death ignites war against the secret Nhia-Samri mercenary band led by the evil silver-elf Shar-Lumen who is not only the greatest warrior in history but also insane. The trio must learn to depend on each other bringing along unlikely allies as they stumble into secrets that the Gods are not prepared for the world to learn.
  Thread Slivers is a 123,500-word Epic Fantasy/Speculative Sci-Fi novel and the first book of a trilogy set on the world of Niya-Yur in a distant future consisting of both high technology and real magic.
  Start reading this top-selling high fantasy/sci-fi adventure today and discover the whole story. You'll be glad you did.
  World: Niya-Yur
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