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Ishtar's Bow

An amazing recurved composite bow inset with polished green crystals and polished silver filigree work. The handle is an unknown knotted and polished red-hued wood. The bow is light to handle with an amazing 70 lbs pull weight at the full 36" draw length. Oddly, once the bow is drawn holding it is easier than expected. On release, any light hunting or target arrows will shatter from the bow's power. This bow requires heavy birch war arrows at least half-inch in diameter. Hard knocks of bone or steel are required for any chance of not destroying arrows shot from this bow.  
Black lacquered bone and polished wood have been pressed into a bow of incredible power and beauty. The bow's handle is framed by a matching pair of green crystal gems and anyone facing the bow can see the two polished amber sights set into the back of the grip. Simply holding the magnificent bow gives you the feeling of power. You grab some arrows and pick a target to test it. Drawing the bow you are disappointed in the pull weight. The draw weight is light enough almost anyone could shoot this weapon. Worse there must be a crack or loose limb as the string weight decreases significantly at full draw. Taking aim you notice that the crystals framing the grip provide a clear view and you can see a reddish circle on your chosen target. Bracing for the likely breaking of one of the limbs you release the string. With a loud crack, the targeting arrow you had knocked splinters, and pieces of it fly in all directions. A loud thunk comes from the tree you were aiming at. Walking up to the tree you cannot believe your eyes the first third remains of the arrow are fully embedded into the tree splitting it open slightly. You need war arrows! Lots of war arrows!.



On close inspection what can be easily mistaken for an ornamental dark lacquered bone and wood bow is not what it appears. The smokey lacquered limb backs are not bone but five distinct layers of exactly the same dimensions and the dark lacquer is hard as steel. The wood faces of the bow are made of perfect sections of reddish sun-bleached wood. The metal of the grip is a polished silver that cannot be scratched. The clear green crystals mounted into the top and bottom of the grip both function the same providing an aiming mechanism that with the polished amber lenses create a reddish dot in the vision of the archer providing a clear aiming point. The archer still needs to be skilled enough to adjust for the distance, wind, and flight qualities of the arrow. The bow can be used right or left-handed by flipping it over and the sights have been made to allow this varied type of use.   War recurve bows have a maximum range between 280 yards and 300 yards. At extreme distances, most archers will not be very accurate. In general, most heavy recurve bows have a reasonably accurate hunting range between 60 to 100 yards, being most effective at ranges under 40 yards. Longbows with special arrows may push the ranges out to 200 yards with a maximum distance of 400 yards.   With this bow, a reasonably trained archer may use war arrows (heavy, generally not designed for long flights) maintaining hunting quality accuracy out to 100 yards with a maximum range of 300 yards.   Long flight arrows cannot be used with this bow, they simply shatter on release.   Spoiler: DM's Notes on construction
The bow was made by Flidais as a gift for Zirbanit on her marriage to Marduk. Zirbanit loved the bow and used it often for hunting. But, when Ishtar and Dumuzid proclaimed were married, Zirbanit asked Flidais to make Ishtar a similar bow. Flidais could not match the first bow as the last of Tiamat's sinew had long since been used. Disappointed and determined to give Ishtar a bow of strength equal to the love between Ishtar and Dumuzid Zirbanit asked Flidais permission to give Ishtar her bow. Flidais agreed but only after Zirbanit promised to accept the next item Flidais made. So it was that Ishtar received Zirbanit's ancient bow as a marriage gift. Marduk was present at the gifting and proclaimed that the bow would never break signifying the powerful bond between Ishtar and Dumuzid. On the fifth year's fifth day after Flidais promised to make something to replace the bow, Flidais emerged from her palace having worked nonstop the entire time on her other masterpiece. Flidais presented her new masterpiece work the arrow Ti-raqqidu to Zirbanit. Ti-raqqidu may be the arrow that inspired or is described by the human's homeworld Earth's myth known as Teen Baan. Ti-raqqidu is an arrow made of moonlight and silver that dances in the air moving faster than sound responding to Zirbanit's every command.   With magical examination, it will manifest that it is attunable in an extraordinary way. What powers will manifest with attunement are unknowable.
The Urtianath warriors stood proud and ready to fight as General Poltak strode up to face Zirbanit as she stepped out of the city's gates. "Surrender, this battle is lost. You've come too late to save your precious temples. Leave and we shall be merciful to those few still standing."   Zirbanit shook her head. "My generals are gone and many favored sons and daughters have fallen this day. I cannot and would not allow this to go unpunished. You believe me unable to defend my city without my bow. You are wrong. Ti-raqqidu, kill them all."   General Poltak never had a chance to respond, for with that simple command Ti-raqqidu leaped from its quiver at Zirbanit's side. A shimmering line and the sound of hundreds of whips being strick was all anyone saw before the entire host of Urtianath fell to the ground, every last one struck through the heart no matter the strength of their armor.   Zirbanit sighed and turned back to the city. Only the great oracle heard her say, "It may have been better if I had my bow."
— Fall of General Poltak Undreit, Vindriathian histories vol. 34 pg 340,
pub 2344, Gracian Imperial Archives
  The incredible powers of this longbow have a great price. This was the personal weapon of an immortal, made by the immortals' greatest archery master. Attunement to such an artifact is to tap into the power of the immortals, and that is beyond any mortal-made magic. This weapon will only attune for life. It can never be unattuned except by the death of its wielder.   This magical weapon will merge with druids without attunement when they use a beast form.  

Unattuned Properties

This magnificent bow is a little heavier than most bows of similar size, but its power is worth the extra pound. Knocking an arrow and drawing it you can easily hold the bow at the ready for as long as needed. The unusual sighting through the crystals is simplicity itself and the small amber dot visible only to you makes hitting where you want a simple matter. The bow's power means you have to use heavier war arrows, but they all fly true. With some practice you find your arrows fly level for almost 60 yards and the power of the release means you can easily hit the target out to 150 yards beyond that is where your archery skills are needed. Still by the time you finish the first few days of practice you are hitting targets out to 250 yards!
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  Anyone who carries this bow and seeks the secrets of unlocking its true powers will eventually learn of the attunement process. Only attunement to this legendary weapon will unleash its true abilities. What those abilities are, depends entirely upon the individual attuning themselves to the sword.   Spoiler: Attunement Process

Material Components

Attunement is achieved with the following required items:
  1. a druidic circle or an inscribed Celtic Rune Blessing Circle of at least 10ft diameter
  2. a copper brazier with 2 ounces of Olibanum incense placed just inside the circle on the north
  3. a stone brazier with 3 ounces of Myrrh incense placed just inside the circle on the south
  4. a gold brazier of Pine and Cedar chips arranged to burn slowly producing smoke placed just inside the circle on the east
  5. a silver brazier of 2 ounces of Dragon's Blood incense placed just inside the circle on the west
  6. a small candle or lighting stick


Before dawn, draw or go to the circle and prepare the braziers. Just before dawn, light the candle or lighting stick, remove all other weapons and metal objects then enter the circle with only the bow, five war arrows, and the burning candle/lighting stick. Holding the bow and arrows in the dominant hand light the incense in the east, then west, then north, and finally south. Take position at the center of the circle sitting or kneeling facing the north, stand the five arrows in the archer's combat placement, set the still-lit candle/lighting stick upright directly in front of you, and rest the bow on the ground before you between yourself and the candle/lighting stick. When the sun's first rays touch the circle, begin meditating while reciting an appropriate litany of goals and oaths to your deity. Continue to meditate and recite until the sun's light leaves the circle. Then take the bow up and begin shooting all targets that present themselves. Do not leave your position at the center of the circle or allow any of the ghostly opponents who will appear to stop you from attuning to the weapon from hitting you. Moving from the center of the circle before sunset will break the attunement causing 3d8 damage with no saving throw and you cannot try attuning to the weapon until after the next solstice.   Your arrows will last until the last enemy has been shot. The incense will last until the attunement is complete and the sun sets beyond the horizon. If you succeed you will know the weapon is yours for life.   The creatures that appear will vary in form, speed, tactics, and cunning. Only those who have excellent archery training have a chance of attuning to the bow. You must have proficiency with ranged weapons and make either a Strength or Dexterity saving throw vs a DC15. If you are fully prepared and blessed by a druid of or an actual druid of one of Ishtar's allies you may make the saving throw with advantage.

Attuned Properties

The day seems to have rolled by and the sun's motion in the sky is both an eternity and a mere breath. In the last hour, a mist has slowly built, rising as steam from the ground leaving you in a gray haze. Still, you can see and sense the exact position of the sun. You feel more than see the sun's light leave the circle. Ready you spring to your feet taking the bow with you. Knocking and drawing the bow you turn warily watching for an attack. The world is barely visible through the rolling fog. Something moves, you take a moment to be sure it isn't a friend and let loose. A scream of pain comes as your target falls. You've already grabbed another arrow from the few arrows standing next to you knocking it and drawing. In the distance too far to be sure you see something else and with a sudden motion, you see the faraway figure throw a javelin at you. You relax and bend to the side allowing it to pass by missing you by a hair's width. With a solid thunk, you release the arrow and watch the faraway foe fall. Grabbing another arrow you ready yourself for another attack. Attacks come, in groups, packs, and individually. You shot them down one and all. Your mind not even questioning why you haven't run out of arrows yet.
  Result: Make a DC15 Strength or Dexterity saving throw.  

Successful Saving Throw

Arms sore and back creaking you spin taking down three foes closest to furthest. Your fingers are bleeding, still, you grab another arrow, knock, draw, and wait. But the fog begins to clear and stars appear overhead. No more foes come. The winds seem to call your name. You have one last task. You strain and fire an arrow north, pluck another arrow shooting it to the south, then east, then west, and finally, you shoot the last arrow straight up. You hear your name called out and feel the bow shift in your hands as if alive and welcoming you as a companion. The five war arrows are still moving away from you as fast as a snail crawls. Fascinated you stand watching them move. They reach the edge of the circle at the same time where they shift to blazing arrows which turn to move upwards in five narrow pillars of flame. A moment later, the night's sounds come to you, and the evening air chills your body. The bow is yours, and you belong to something beyond it. Knowing it is part of your very being you turn and step from the circle. As you bend to pick up your other weapons the bow shifts in your hand and vanishes. You can feel it. Looking at your hand you see the Celtic 5 circle pattern as a tattoo on the palm of your hand, except the symbol has pointed tips at the four coordinate points. Straightening up you hold your hand ready and think of the bow. It appears instantly ready for use. Laughing you retrieve the rest of your gear.

Failed Saving Throw

Spinning you shoot arrow after arrow. Creatures large and small fall to dissolve into the mist that bore them. Lancers attack, archers from afar hilltops rain deadly arrows down upon you. You stop them all. But, one clever archer hid in the trees and you realize too late its location as a heavy war arrow slams into your side followed by another from the same direction. The blows throw you over and you tumble to the side. You hear laughter and taunting from the direction of the attacks. A slight popping sound comes and your ears and body feel as if something that was pressing down on you vanishes instantly. Opening your eyes you are laying on your side half out of the sacred circle. All the braziers have gone out and the moons are high. You've been unconscious for a few hours at least. Warily you climb to your feet and see the bow still laying on the ground near the center of the circle. The five war arrows you had planted have turned to ashes leaving only small nubs sticking up out of the ground. You've failed to attune to the bow. But, a determination comes from deep within. You will succeed next time. You know you cannot try again till after the next solstice. You know what needs to be done and you will train harder than ever.
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Mechanics & Inner Workings

The bow is reversible with two sets of sights. The sights provide an amber-colored dot in the vision of the one drawing the bow showing an aim point.
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Item type
Unique Artifact
Completely irreplaceable. A legendary weapon thought lost in the great cataclysm.
4 lbs
5 ft long
Base Price
Technically priceless as it is a truly unique one-of-a-kind item. That being said, if one were to try and sell it I know a few choice collectors who would pay 20,000 crowns for it. Why do you ask?
Raw materials & Components
Five distinct layers of bonded sinew lacquered to two identical redish-blond polished wood limbs are attached to the handle with no visible pins or screws. The dark knotted wood handle has a pair of green and amber crystal sights set in polished silver. No ordinary tools or weapons can damage or even scratch any of the bow's materials.   Spoiler: Detailed Construction for DMs
The wood is from the ancient acacia tree planted at the center of the dryad's home-grove in Tírnanoag long before the human homeworld Terra of Midgard existed. The pair of tree limbs were purpose-grown by the dryads as their gift to the creation of this bow at the request of Flidais. As a result, dryads will always recognize the bow and be less likely to impede the mortal who carries it. They may try and steal it if it isn't attuned. Have fun with this!   The lacquered layers are sinew collected by elven hunters from four pinnacle elemental creatures:
  1. Air: griffon sinew
  2. Land: gargoyle sinew
  3. Aether: Tiamat's sinew
  4. Fire: salamander sinew
  5. Water: leviathan sinew
  Various creatures may react in unexpected ways to the odd feeling they get from one or more of the sinews.   The gems can only be emeralds and amber magically created specifically to be used as sights.   The metal framing is Yithandreal. This little fact will cause all kinds of problems or reactions when encountering Yhatnar , immortals or any skilled craftsfolk of elven or dwarven heritage.
The bow has been formed into a single unbreakable piece by immortal magics.


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