Keal'kashin are extremely rare and powerful quills created using the prime head spine of a dragon. While the type of dragon has some impact on the power of the kael'kashin, in all cases the quill is only magical if it is either given freely by the dragon (not coerced or forced) or if the dragon dies while in mid-flight. In the past 100 eochs, only 15 kael'kashin were known to exist and in each case, more than one holder was murdered, kidnapped, or otherwise forced to part with the item.   Kael'kashin have to be prepared by especially knowledgeable and strong spellcasters, and even those who have successfully created one in the past have no higher chance of success in creating one. When the head spine is acquired, within one hour of being detached from the dragon's head, the spine must be wrapped in silk cloth thick enough that no light reaches the spine. Once fully wrapped, the spine must be turned point-down to ensure all residual magic pools towards the tip of the spine. While the spine maintains this position, magic casters must cast all three Power Word spells over the spine within 10 minutes of one another. Once the final spell is cast, a gold needle must be used to pierce the end of the spine, without unwrapping it. If this process is successful, a single drop of blood will fall from the end of the spine and dissipate into a puff of blue smoke and flame before it hits any surface. If this occurs, the keal'kashin has been successfully created and it may be unwrapped, though it should always be stored tip down. If any of the steps above are completed incorrectly, all the blood in the spine will pour out of the hole and the blood will burn through anything it touches, and it will also produce an acidic and toxic cloud which has been known to kill all the attempted creators.   A perfect keal'kashin will allow the first person who writes with it to enact their will on paper. That is, whomever writes with the quill before anyone else will have whatever they write on the paper occur, so long as what they write is either immediate or in the very near future and does not result in immediate death or significant environmental destruction. Keal'kashin can be used to affect relationships, alignments, and other serious or complex matters, but the user must beware that the affects are temporary in such cases -- an item or creature summoned by the keal'kashin will remain, but mind-affects will only last around one deoch's time.¬†Anyone who uses a keal'kashin aside from the original user will be able to still summon items or creatures, but they will be unable to affect the minds of others. The power of a keal'kashin is not infinite, but as the power seems to vary from spine to spine, it is difficult to tell how long a given quill will last. Small quills have been known to far outlast much larger quills.   Keal'kashin are generally considered highly restricted and even illegal in many nations.
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