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The Printing Press

They will tell you the truth but the papers tell you their version of the truth, is that the truth I would tell you absolute not.
— Nal’reen Da’kari
  The printing press is a very new invention to the City, only being designed in the last 50 years by a female elf called Shonorr, no one sure who she is or where she learnt such skills with technology. She came from off world from a minor world called Dal'an a place of little note, until Shonorr arrive from there with a wagon load of Gold and Gems and the blueprints to her amazing machines.   The printing press is a mechanical device as far as anyone who seen it can understand it, that applies pressure to an inked surface resting upon paper, thereby transferring the ink to paper. The mechanical rollers are powered by a steam engine which creates both a lot of noise and smoke but is believe to be somewhat dangerous as one of the first ones exploded in use by House Kalena in they farms outside of the city, something went wrong and dozens were hurt and a few were either killed. And Shonorr as one of these devices within the City.   The Printing presses are massive pieces of technology that fill the industrial buildings that Shonorr setup in, she keeps complete control of the presses themselves she does allow others to use them to produce their own papers. But she as to approve anything written in them, she believes truth without comprises but as long as what is written is truthful, she allows for different viewpoints on those truths to be printed.   The invention of the printing press is causing a massive social shift to the fact the guilds, grand houses and other organisations could no longer control the information flow to the masses. While they could produce their own pamphlets, and papers with Shonorr approval on her machines they couldn’t lie and tell the masses what they wanted them to believe.   The Sheets became the biggest focus of social change within the city, by supplying the news to the People. The Bavan Herald which is Biggest and original paper run by Shonorr and her Editor Rhorgar a massive Brass Dragonborn, who many would think is not the intelligent book learned person he is.


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