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Styli of Impressions ('stīlə of imˈpreSHən)

A finely crafted platinum sharpened spike covered in runic script, the other end of the styli has a absorbent material to remove the ink in case of a mistake. It is most commonly used in the writing of contracts, proposed legal statutes, and intimate letters. The styli uses an ink that is made from copper dust typically. When script is written with a Styli of Impressions, the thoughts and emotions that were felt along with the writing are copied into the medium that the script is on. This has the effect of preventing to some degree deception at the hand of the writer. When using the 'eraser' the writer must be meticulous to remove all of the ink or it will not remove the whole impression of thought and emotion.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The runic script engraved into the platinum(can be lesser metals but the enchantment becomes less reliable or mystic metals such as mythril to improve the effect) and the copper to act as a transitive medium to imprint on. The paper is specially prepared so that when the ink dries it will stick firmly but does not absorb into the paper.

Manufacturing process

The platinum is melted and purified. It is poured into a heated mold. Then engraved by a trained artisan, though mass production methods have been attempted, they yield an inferior copy, that while functional is almost as dulled as using iron for the process.


As a tool the are used to prove that laws are written in genuine good faith and that the intent of a contract signer means to fulfil said contract.
Item type
These styli can be found in any bank, law office, and court house. They are pricy because of the legal value that is associated with the tool. Can be found in specialty book stationary stores and also at some high end general goods stores.
85mm long,. 14mm at the top, .3mm at the tip
Base Price
350 gold plus 50 gold for a sheaf of 100 sheets of paper
Raw materials & Components
The core of the styli can be anything, but the outer shell must be at least 3 millimeters thick to allow the runes depth for durability. Typically after the 40mm of the total length the body tapers sharply to a point.
Finely cast and engraved. Much of the space on the styli is covered in runes though a custom top is created some that covers the eraser.

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