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Ádafin - Spirit Feather

Ádafin, Nem (Faren language) for 'spirit feather' is a mythical feather dropped from a heavenly swan that was send to Salan by the gods. It is associated with the Myth of the spirit swan, according to which the Spirit Feather was the first quill used by the Farens to write.  


According to some trditions the feather was rather normal swan quill, but larger in size. Some describe it having unique appearance, such as having a rainbow tint.  


To this day the skill of writing is highly appreciated among the Faren people, and they treasure the best fethers and the best quill makers. The quills they use come mainly from tame geese and swans.   Special tame geese are kept at the The Tower of Sunset, the main temple in Çarimbal (New Tower), to provide best quills for the scribes and priests of the temple complex.   The feather itself is lost to history. During the years many old works of writing were claimed to have been written with the feather (examples?) but the concesus is that none of the works have survived.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The specific mechanics of the feather differ by the tradition. By the most common version the Ancestors hunted down the swan, and used its blood to write the first words. In other versions they used their own blood, or the quill worked without needing ink.
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