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Forge Pen

This enchanted writing implement allows the user to write using molten steel. The pen is made almost entirely of ceramic, and best resembles a cross between a paintbrush and a smoking pipe. They can come in different sizes and shapes, often featuring glazes of various colors. Popular among blacksmiths to sign their names on their work, the forge pen can be used to place permanent writing on any surface that can tolerate the heat of the steel.   The back end of the pen features a reservoir that measures about half an inch across and extends four inches down into the pen. A small steel rod specifically made for the purpose is inserted into the open hole at the top. the reservoir is separated from the bottom half of the pen by a ceramic plug which is attached to a small lever on the outside. The lever's trigger is located by the writer's thumb, opening the valve and allowing the molten steel to pass through the hollow section of the pen's bottom half and out through the tip.   A rune of fire is carved into the pen at the spot where it naturally rests between the writer's forefinger and thumb. When the rune is in contact with the skin, it heats the inside of the reservoir to the appropriate temperature for melting the steel rod, while keeping the writer's hand protected. Once hot, the writer activates the trigger mechanism to allow the steel to flow.   While the process is slow, a skilled scribe can make long sweeping words on a surface that would not be destroyed by the heat. Stairs of temples have had quotes from their religious texts written upon them using this method. Gunsmiths enjoy having the maker's mark of the blacksmith who made the barrel embossed upon it. Simple signs for shops have been treated by forge pens, and sometimes one simply wants to make sure a message is never lost.


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Jul 9, 2021 14:07 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I love the technical details you've included in that. Very cool tool!