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Mage Slate

"What kind of tablet is that and how does it work?"
The tailor held the tablet up so Talamar could see it. It looked like the plate of a black glassy substance he had put his hand on in the guard shack to allow him to open doors and use lift platforms. He said as much to the tailor and the man nodded.

"It is the same principle. The tablet takes information and stores it in a crystal back at my shop. Then, I can just bring up your information when I am ready to make your uniform. This allows me to not have to carry a bunch of paper around and possibly lose it. These tablets are used by most tradesmen and other mages for various functions."

Talamar said, "That's really neat. What is the tablet made of?"

"I'm not sure," said the man, "You'll have to ask one of your professors. All students at the school get one for their studies."

"Thanks. I will," said Talamar.

Conversation between a student, Talamar at Octischolarus Magus and the tailor measuring him for his school uniform.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Slate stores text, diagrams, pictures, and other information. The stylus is calibrated to it's own slate and is used to input and navigate the information stored in the slate. A magical charge or stream travels between the two to manipulate the data.

Manufacturing process

Tablets and styli are manufactured by material mages, gnomes, or dwarves.


A signifant tool for mages.

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Item type

Other Names
Mage Tablet
Approx. 9 oz.
Base Price
50 gp
Raw materials & Components
The mage slate is made of an obsidian, silicate compound. The stylus is made of Flamesteel. A magical beam is used to communicate between the two. There is only one stylus for one tablet. If one or the other is lost or broken, another device must be created and paired with the remaining item. In certain circumstances such as a school or apprenticeship a stylus can be created to override the permissions of the tablet giving instructors the ability to communicate with students.


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