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Octischolarus Magus

In the land of Octiragrin, which is a magical realm there is a mage school. The school's name is Octischolarus Magus. Octischolarus Magus is the premier magic school on Octisafell. It has turned out many outstanding mages over several centuries. Students and teachers come from all over Octisafell to study all branches of magic (except black magic, which is forbidden). The seven branches are: Battle magic (Red), Building magic (Orange), Healing magic (Yellow), Plant magic (Green), Material magic (Blue, Elemental magic (Indigo), and Animal magic (Violet) as well as offering an advanced program in White magic for master level students. The school also hosts academies for bards, guards, rangers, and other trades and occupations. Each branch of magic has a faculty member who oversees it as well as sub-faculty who teach particular subjects. The Guild Schools, which train students for other occupations than mages are similarly organized.


School of Battle Magic
School of Building Magic
School of Healing Magic
School of Plant Magic
School of Material Magic
School of Elemental Magic
School of Animal Magic
School of Mastery in Magic
School of Bards
School of Guards
School of Rangers
School of Trades
School of Statesmen
School of Esoterica
School of Arts

Each school has its own Master and Faculty. These may be made up of permanent faculty as well as adjunct or itenerant faculty.

Educating for Octisafell's Future

Founding Date
90 AG
Alternative Names
Magic School, Mage Academy, School
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


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