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Flamesteel is a compound made from steel and brillinium. Only the dwarves of the Silvervein Mountains know the secret to forging this material. Brillinium is mined only in the Silvervein Mountains. It is a metal that glows and shines. It is an excellent conductor of magic. When combined with steel, the substance becomes very hard and a little flexible. This makes Flamesteel ideal for creating magical tools and weapons.


Flamesteel is used to make magical focus objects, swords, knives, wands, magical storage recepticles, and other products. Amulets, rings, necklaces, bracelets, daggars, buckles, and pins are all popular items for focusing or storing magic.


It must be forged in a very hot fire to allow the metals to bond well. For swords adn knives the metals must be combined and folded many times to make a hard yet flexible weapon.
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It was invented by Luxaz and later stolen adn mastered by the dwarves of the Silvervein Mountains. It is their main source of revenue and gives them reason for contact with the outside world.
Access & Availability
Flamesteel is not really rare since there is plenty of Brillinium and Steel to be had, but the artifacts made of Flamesteel are more rare and valuable due to the time and labor that go into creating them.
It is not terribly complex, but it's a secret and takes time.
Luxaz actually discovered this technology, but during the Dark Revolt some adventurous and brave dwarves stole the secret from Tralfangar.


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