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Dark Revolt

In 1500 AG the dark species rose up against Luxaz to gain their freedom. They plotted in secret among themselves to overthrow the evil god. Each species designated a leader and the leaders met together to hammer out a plan of attack.


The frost giants devised an avalanche in the Silvervein Mountains to come down on The Black Tower (Tralfangar). The drow elves and the dragonborn explored the Dark Beneath so they had a place to flee. Dalyl Alemdan stole the Void Rod Luxaz was holding for experimentation. The Dwarves Dragonborn, Goblins, and Kobolds created all manner of confusion, noise and ruckus to distrac Luxaz.

The Conflict


Luxazbegan corrupting the elves, dwarves, gnomes, dragons, and other species including animals in order to try to become like The Great Father by creating, however, Luxaz was not capable of true creation. His best was a counterfeit by corrrupting what The Great Father had already perfected. The ordeal was so awful for the species that were transformed and enslaved that they began to plot against Luxaz.



Tralfangar was destroyed and Luxaz temporarily defeated.


Tralfangar and Thorngrove demolished and abandoned.
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Battlefield Type
Start Date
1500 AG
Ending Date
1500 AG
Conflict Result
The dark species rebelled, destroyed Tralfangar and Thorngrove. They fled underground.


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