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Dark Beneath

Subterranean tunnels under the Silvervein Mountains and running under all of the surface of Octisafell. This is home to the Subterranean Civilization. Many interesting plants, animals, and microbes also live here.

Some Denizens of the Dark Beneath are:
  • Sentient Attack Mushrooms (SAM's)
  • Glowing Slime
  • Treacherous Fungus
  • Fiery Salamanders
  • Icey Salamanders
  • Several types of bat
  • Clinging Moss
  • Tricky Crickets
  • Liars Lichen
  • Gnome Dome Mushrooms
  • Beguiling Mushrooms
  • Freaky Ferns
  • Beetles, fish, crayfish, snakes, etc.

Sites Consulted:
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