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Legend of Sentinel Grove

"Where are ye bound, Traveler?" asked the affable innkeeper
"I'm headed to Tralfangar to see the Great Melafinner, if it's any of your business," sneered the black cloaked man.
"Well, a word to the wise, if ye don't mind me sayin'. That there forest ye've gotta cross to get there is a man killer. I wouldna set foot there for love nor money," said the innkeeper with a shudder.
"Oh, he's expecting me," said the traveler with a sinister, secretive smile.
"Better ye than me then, friend."
"No doubt. What would he want with you?"
Conversation between an innkeeper in Thorngrove and a traveler.

The legend as written by the historians of Thorngrove goes that when the people fled into the Dark Beneath to escape Luxaz and the Void Rod, some of them were not fast enough to escape. Luxaz caught some of the escaping people with a terrible curse. They immediately turned into undying plants and animals forever bound to protecting The Black Tower. The plants and animals are carnivorous and hideous. They cause people to run screaming from the forest feeling they are being watched and hunted. This feeling often persists even after they are far from the forest. It is sid that the curse has touched them. Often these people end up insane or by commiting suicide.


After the Dark Revolt in 1500 AG, a legend quickly arose concerning the sinister forest surrounding Tralfangar. The forest is deep and dark. Not many would venture into it for years adn years due to the fear of Luxaz. Though he was overthrown, many feared that he was hiding and licking his wounds and preparing for a return to power.

Historical Basis

The forest did spring up overnight after the people fled into the Dark Beneath. A few historians at the library in Thorngrove survived and recorded events after the event. They noted the fall of the tower and the forest arising out of the ruins. Not all of the tower fell, however, a jagged remnant could be seen towering above the tree line.


Word of the forest traveled immediately down the Silver River to Tirfalon and then across all of Octiragrin. Now the story is known far and wide. Some foolhardy adventurers come every year to try their strength and bravado against the forest and its inhabitants. Few return and of those few, even fewer are sane.

Cultural Reception

Fear and trepidation
Date of First Recording
1505 AG
Date of Setting
1500 AG
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