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Tralfangar is located in the north of Octiragrin. The tower is encompassed by eight shorter towers and are all encirled by a shield wall. A dark and twisted forest known as Sentinel Grove completely surrounds the fortress except for a very small section on the east side, which is bordered by the Cursed Cove which is an inlet of Anticipation Lake.

Purpose / Function

Tralfangar is a bastian of black magic taught by the Sorcerer, Melafinner. It serves as a repository of all knowledge of the black arts and their workings. The only people who are allowed in are those who make it to the tower and who Melafinner deems worth to study black magic.


The Black Tower was built from the ruins of a long-forgotten temple of unknown origin. It was thought to be a temple where Luxaz forced his minions to worship him. It was abandon after the fall of the eight.


The Black Tower was built with obsidian and black granite quarried from the Silvervein Mountain. The tower has harsh, jagged, sharp lines. It is square rising to a triangular point at the top. It connects to eight shorter surrounding towers all of which are encircled by shield wall made of obsidian.


The former temple was mostly raised to the ground after the fall of the eight gods and goddesses when the dark species revolted agains Luxaz and fled underground. The tower was rebuilt and repurposed by Melifinner in 1800 AG. It now serves as a repository of knowledge about black magic and its workings. Melafinner teaches those who come to him if he deems them suited to it.


This is not a place one would want to visit unless they have a dark nature or an evil bent.
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5 AG
Founding Date
1800 AG
Alternative Names
The Black Tower
Tower, Mage
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