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Black Mage

The Subject was seen in Vankelzan in Dronigath entering a seedy dive called, The Gargoil's Rest. The Subject met with two individual known to be members of the Chaos Cult. A transfer of some kind took place and the Subject left the establishment in haste.

--Report of a Queen's Intelligence Agent to the Queen's Spy Master


Black Magic / Sorcery / Necromancy is illegal in Octiragrin. The despicable practices of black magic include: blood magic, necromancy, and manipulation of the underlying organic structre of living beings. The only known Black Mage is Melafinner. He resides in The Black Tower (Tralfangar) near Thorngrove.

It is not known what Melafinneris up to in Tralfangar. People are worried that he is plotting against Octiragrin and the Octisafell's gods. Some have seen him abroad conspiring with the dark species and people from other kingdoms. It is feared that he is too powerful to bring into check.



To create chaos, pain, death, and corruption on Octisafell.
To gain absolute power over beings and elements.

Social Status

Outcast / Anathema




  • Mind Soil
  • Enigma Clay
  • Shooting Cactus Needles
  • Fell Cattle
  • Infernal Spiders
  • Blood of animals, humans, elves, dwarves, and other species
  • Other animal-based & plant-based components
  • Other magical devices & components


Tralfangar (The Black Tower)
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Alternative Names
Sorcerer / Necromancer
No one associates with Black Mages. Their practices lead to unlawful activities and consequences.
Famous in the Field
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