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Queen's Intelligence

The Queen's Intelligence is a network of agents who gather information, conduct covert operations, and report back to the Queen's Spy Master. The activities performed by the QI are not always lowful, but they are what the Queen and her Spy Master deem in the best interest of Octiragrin.

There are agents in Tirfalon and other cities in Octiragrin, Dronigath, Legira, the Silvervein Mountains, the Fearsome Enclave, cities/oases in the Sacala desert region, and wherever they are sent by the Queen.


The Queen is the top of the organization. Her Spy Master reports directly to her and he recruits and manages the agents that make up the bulk of the agency.


Secret / Clandestined / Underground / Beyond Reproach / Above the Law

Public Agenda



Crown resources as needed and agents all over the continant and near islands.


Queen Gwenaria Silverstave formed her Intelligence service after the complications encountered during the Dronigath Treaty talks to gather infomration about other nations and peoples. The intelligence agency also gather information about trade, political alliances, guilds, governmental associations, and any other group or individual of interest inside and outside Octiragrin. The Queen chose a Spy Master to lead the organization. He had to be an unremarkable man in an often overlooked position so that he would never be suspected. She chose the Royal Clark & Burser.

Demography and Population

Agents are of many locations, speies, occupations, and stations of life.


Wherever the Queen or her Spy Master sends them.


Agents are trained in all types of martial arts, surveilance techniques, and assassin's skills.

Foreign Relations

Founding Date
1985 AG
Secret, Governmental arm
Alternative Names
Queen's Spies
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Coin, Information, and Favors
Official Languages


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