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QI Code

The Queen's Intelligence uses a cipher known as QI Code. The code is a pattern of lines and intersecting dashes. There are four vertical lines with three potential horizontal cross-hatches per vertical line to make up one character or short symbol.

The Queen's Spy Master uses this cipher to transmit messages to his agents. Short messages can be left in plain sight as appropriate in certain circumstances. Messages using the cipher are also used to identify one agent to another when collaborative missions are afoot. Queen Gwenaria Silverstave is aware of the code and can read it fluently.

The Queen's Intelligence agents range all over Octiria to observe, gather information of all kinds, sometimes interfere, and report back to the Spy Master. The QI Code is used in all communication as agents perform their duties.

Writing System

Geographical Distribution

QI Code is used only by the Queen's Intelligence as they communicate among themselves throughout Octiria.


QI Code is primarily a written language, but it can be pronounced just as any other spoken language.


The Queen's Spy Master developed the cipher based on a code that was formerly used by blind people. The parent code has mostly gone out of common usages as advanced magical cures for blindness and other eye disorders hvae been developed. This is beneficial to the secrecy of the cipher.


The syntax is the same as the language being used. However, there are some short-hand symbols that make it quicker to form words than writing out each character.


Same as any language being used.


Corresponds with the language used. The QI Code can be used to represent any written/spoken language.


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