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Octiria is the continent that contains Octiragrin, Dronigath, and the Sacala Desert. Octiragrin is where most of the story is set.


  • Several Baronies
  • Farm land
  • Plains / Grasslands
  • Desert
  • Rainforest
  • Cities including:
    • Tirfalon - capital city - location of Octisholarus Magus
    • Thorngrove - location of the Black Tower (Tralfangar)
    • Tiron
    • Cities along the Fire Silk Road
    • Applefield
    • others
  • Forests including:
    • Legira - elven forest
    • The Bandinoc Woodland
    • The Roninoc Woodland
    • South Sacala Rainforest
  • Silvervein Mountains - home of the dwarves
  • Border Warden Fortresses including:
    • Reedhead - Sir Robert & Rain's home
    • Warstead - Sir Wilton's home
    • others.
  • Lakes
    • Anticipation Lake
  • Rivers
    • Reed River
    • Silver River
  • Sacala Desert
  • Tranquil Haven
  • Dronigath

Fauna & Flora

  • Aberrant Flax
  • Primalcotton
  • Impulse Pines
  • Destiny Oaks
  • Shooting Cacti
  • Purifying Palms
  • Fire Silk Worm
  • Fell Cattle
  • Sand Dragons
  • Majestic Otter
  • Infernal Spiders


Sentient Attack Mushrooms (SAM's) - can glow or not depending on the situation, can deploy thousands of spores at will to create more mushrooms to defend itself, is HIGHLY poisonous to most creatures.

Natural Resources

  • Brillinium
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gemstones
  • Flamesteel
  • Flickering Marble
  • Radiant Stone
  • Aberrant Flax
  • Exuberant Dust
  • Mind Soil
  • Enigma Clay
  • Sand Dragon Scales
  • Tranquill Pool Water
  • Majestic Otter Skins
  • Shooting Cactus Needles
  • Shooting Cactus Water
  • Purifying Palm Fronds


When The Great Father sent the eight gods to Octisafell, they landed in Tirfalon, capital city of Octiragrin. Tirfalon has become the center of religion, magic, government, trade, and tourism.


Tirfalon is the main center for tourism due to it being home to the main temple of the gods, the magic school (Octischolarus Magus), and the center of art and culture in Octiragrin. Tirfalon is also the last stop on the Silk Road, which brings many trade items includeing the most exhotic goods from the Sacala Desert.
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