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Fire Silk Worm

Fire Silk Worms are a rare species of silk worm only found in Tranquil Haven in the Sacala Desert. These worms are the producers of Fire Silk thread. Fire Silk Worms are fuzzy little caterpillars that turn into vibrantly-colored moths. When they are in their moth stage, they like to flit around in the Flair Mulberry Tree leaves. In the evening and night the spectical of multicolored fluttering months among the flairing and glowing leaves is a sight to behold.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Flair Mulberry leaves

Biological Cycle

egg -> larvae -> pupa ->adult
6 - 8 weeks

Additional Information


The Tranquilites have domesticated the Fire Silk Worm in the past as of about 1980 AG. This was made possible when they started intentionally cultivating and husbanding the Flair Mulberry Trees in the oasis. The properties of the Flair Mulberry give the threads its magical property of glowing and flickering. Dyes are also fed to the worms to make various colors of thread.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Fire Silk threads can be woven into silk, satin, or other fabrics.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Fire Silk Worms are only found in Tranquil Haven in the Sacala Desert.

Civilization and Culture


In ages past, Fire Silk Worms and thence the thread was exceedingly precious because the worms did not live long and cannot be taken from the Tranquil Haven without dying. In 1980 AG the inhabitants of Tranquil Haven began purposely growing and conserving the Flair Mulberry Trees as well as feeding and nurturing the silk worms.
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Scientific Name
Bombyx Ignus Mori
About 1 year
Average Height
About 1 year
Average Length
3-5 inches
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Orange Yellow
Geographic Distribution


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