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Fire Silk

Fire Silk is made by weaving the thread of the Fire Silk Worm with regular silik thread. The fire silk thread makes vibrant colors that are invisible until triggered by the wearer. The triggering mechanism can be a magical word or simple gesture. Fire Silk accessories and clothing can be modified after the weaving. This takes a spell by a magical clothier.

The only source of Fire Silk is the Fire Silk Worm cultivated in Tranquil Haven in the Sacala Desert. The silk thread is then exported and woven into garments for sale throughout Octiria.


Material Characteristics

Fire Silk glows and can even flicker after it's woven into a product. The thread is very strong as its non-magical counterpaart.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It is visually pleasing and strong enough to protect against most projectiles. The silk is used to make protective clothing as well as decorative apparel.

Origin & Source

Fire Silk Worms in Tranquil Hven in the Sacala Desert.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Clothing & Accessories

Cultural Significance and Usage

Fire Silk is a mainstay in the culture of Octiragrin. It has become cheap enough for anyone to buy. This came about because the inhabitants of Tranquil Haven domesticated the Fire Silk Worms and perfectede the cultivation of Fire Silk. Prior to domestication, the worms often died before producing much silk. The cultivation and conservation of the Flair Mulberry Trees has greatly improved teh diet and lifespan of the worms.


Woven into fabric

Manufacturing & Products

Fire Silk Cloth & Fire Satin Cloth


Trade & Market

Fire Silk is traded and purchased by merchants and individual travelign the Silk Road. The silk is wrapped on spools and exported all over Octiragrin.
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