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Black Scarves

The Chaos Cult uses black scarves to identify themselves to each other. The scarves are made of Fire Silk. The scarves can be worn in any visible way, such as, around the neck, as a sash or belt, as a hat band, as an arm band, or as a head scarf. The Fire Silk allows hidden designs to display secret symbols. The symbols are usually the chaos symbol. The hidden symbols can be turned off and on by a triggering device embedded in the scarf.

The scarves were very expensive due to the rarity of Fire Silk, but recently a new magical process for extracting the silk from the Fire Silk Worm has been developed making it much less dangerous to the extractor. Fire Silk Worms were exclusive to the Sacala Desert region until the recent advent of domestic Fire Silk Worm cultivation. The main cost for the scarves now is the magical process of embedding the hidden symbols of the wearer's desire. Scarves can be any color and contain any design or message, but only black scarves with silver symbols are used by the Chaos Cult.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Mage Weavers use magically enbued threads to insert hidden designs, words, or symbols into the garment.

Manufacturing process

Fire Silk Worms
Cultivation of Blazing Mulberry Trees


Scarves are a popular item of dress in Octiragrin's culture. There are colores and designs associated with all kinds of thing. Towns, cities, magical groups, guilds, professions, schools, and other groups and organizatrions have specific combinations of color and embedded designs.
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Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Fairly common - Can be found in most markets.
Less than 5 oz.

Base Price
5 Silver
Raw materials & Components
Fire Silk and Magical thread
Related Materials


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