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Welcome to Octisafell!

Chaos Cult

We, the Chaos Culture, are not bound by light and order as the believers in the eight gods/goddesses are nor do we need The Great Father (if he exists). The world was created in chaos, is in chaos, and will always be in chaos. We thrive on disorder and rebellion. We will create chaos wherever we can. From Chaos to Chaos is how we live. We are strong in our diversity. All are welcome among us. We are all equal. We will not be bound by The Temple and its tenets. We remain free from societal expectations. In Chaos We Trust!


Culture and cultural heritage

We are proud of our forerunners who took it upon themselves to show us the way to buck the systems of this world. Their example lives on through us and those who will come after us.

Shared customary codes and values

  • Disorder Reigns!
  • From Chaos To Chaos!
  • In Chaos We Trust!

Common Etiquette rules

A greeting between members is:
Person A: "From Chaos..."
Person B: "To Chaos."

Common Dress code

Anything goes, but black is a favored color. It represents the lack of devotion to any god. Body piercings and tatoos are preferred forms of expression. The below image is a popular tatoo.
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Art & Architecture

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Graffiti is the highest form of art. This tag is often used to represent chaos.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

We are found wherever order is trying to prevail. Our conduct is to disrupt public meetings, religous gatherings, governmental bodies, and any other system working toward order in society.

Common Taboos

Going to The Temple is anathema.

Common Myths and Legends

Before Octisafell was formed, there was nothing. All at once lines of power from every direction came together in one spot and collided to form the planet and all we can see around it. Chaos created the universe. There is nothing else.

Historical figures

Random Phantom is the founder of our culture. He was the first to bring like-minded citizens to gether to oppose light and order on Octisafell. He wears a black mask and cloak to hide his features. He disrupts and breaks up many civil and religous proceedings in the last century. No one know who he really is, but he still appears now and then to keep everyone guessing.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is overrated nad unimportant.

Gender Ideals

All genders are equal. There are no gender-specific roles among us.

Courtship Ideals

Whatever works in the moment. Definitions are sentimental drivel.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are fleeting things. It is hard to find someone you can trust.
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