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Tranquil Haven

Tranquil Haven is the largest oasis in the Sacala Dessert. It is a beutiful place where visitors come for peace, healing, and trade. There are many resources that are exported from the oasis.


The oasis has seven spring-fed pools. There are many types of plants and animals that call it home.

Fauna & Flora

Majestic Otters live in the seven pools in the Oasis. The pelts are very valuable. The otters are protected. There is controlled trapping/hunting for the purpose of population optimization. The otters shed their skins three times in their lives.

There are Shooting Cacti in the surrounding desert. These cacti have two special properties. They aare part of the defense of the oasis. The cacti eject sharp, stinging, poisoned needles in a 10-foot radius when it senses an intruder. The needles can be collected to make a very potent poison. This poison has been popular with assisn throughout Octiria.

The otehr amazing aspect of the Shooting Cactus is the water stored inside it. The water has healing properties. The water will heal poins of its needles as well as many other ailments caused by poisons and other afflictions. The water is highly sought after gy healers everywhere. Both the needles and the water are very expensive due to the difficulty in collecting them.

There numerous species of fish that live in the pools. Also, there are two kinds of lizards living in the oasis.

The larges preditor in the Sacala Desert are the Sand Dragons. The dragons are guardians of the oasis. They live in the surrounding dessert. They are the same color as the sand and blend in with it until they rise up to defend the oasis from thieves and any other threat. The dragons are telepathic and read the minds and intents of travelers visiting the oasis. Sand dragons eat the silicate in the sand. Their scales have magical properties and are very sought after for potions and armor.

Purifying Palms and Flair Mulberry Trees are the predominating trees in the oasis. Purifying Palm fronds can be laid on a person to cure skin ailments, injested as tea for clensing poison, and made ito poultices for injuries. Flair Mulberry leaves are the main food for Fire Silk Worms.

Fire Silk Worms produce Fire Silk, which is a main export of Tranquil Haven. The leaves of the Flair Mulberry Trees flicker and glow at night. This property somehow transforms the silk thread produced by the Fire Silk Worms into magically-radiant thread. The thread can be woven into garments and accessories and show patters, words, an symbols that are then invisible until triggered by the wearer.

Natural Resources

  • Tranquil Pool Water
  • Majestic Otter Pelts
  • Sand Dragon Scales
  • Shooting Cactus Needles
  • Shooting Cactus Water
  • Purifying Palm Fronds


The oasis has been a rest stop and trade hub in the Sacal Desert for as long sas anyone can remember.


Because of the many rare plants and animals, Tranquil Haven is a major tourist destination.
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