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Chameleon Shifter

The Chameleon Shifter was born from an experiment Luxaz made while trying to design the ultimate killing machine. The experiement failed because he tried o combine too many and too different species. What resulted was a creature whose genetic structure is unstable and fluxuates between species combinations. Now the creatures have been able to control the fluxuation and transform into any creature of its choosing. This makes it the ultimate hunter. It can emulate a plant and catch bugs and small creatures or take on the characteristics of larger creatures to bring down larger prey. It is a very versatile hunter. It can live on pant life, but prefers meat. If desperate, it will attach humans and other sentient species. They are dangerous and will wipe out a whole ecosystem in an area before moving on to a new hunting ground.

Basic Information


The Chameleon Shifter can take on the anatomy of any creature or a combination of several creatures. It can become like plants, animals, and to a limited extent sentient species. Its resting form has rarely been seen, but isthought to be a large, lizard-like form.

Genetics and Reproduction


Growth Rate & Stages

They are born from an eggs lain in clutches near water in a forested region. They grow quickly and reach adulthood in about three years. At three months the Chameleon Shifter is about a foot long and reaches three feet by adulthood. The Shifter continues to grow until it reaches six feet or more.

Ecology and Habitats

forest regions in temporate zones

Dietary Needs and Habits

They can and will eat anything. Depending on circumstances and availability of prey. The Chameleon Shifter will hunt / eat anything from as small as a gnat to as large as an elk.

Biological Cycle

Chameleon Shifters may shed scales, skin, or fur during transformation.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Chameleon Shifters are loners. The mother raises a clutch of eggs to adulthood and then the offspring leave to hunt and live alone.


Not possible

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Scales / skin can be made into a kind of camouflage.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Bandinoc an dRoninoc Woodlands, Legira, etc.

Average Intelligence

Low-functioning sentient

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Chameleon Shifters can sense other creatures within a half mile or so even without line-of-sight. They canskim surface thoughts of animals to discover threat or intent.
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Hybridization experiment by Luxaz gone wrong
50 years
Conservation Status
Open Season
Average Height
5 feet
Average Weight
250 lbs
Average Length
5 feet
Average Physique
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Chameleon Shifter can take on coloring of plants, animals, sentient species, water, caves, rock, sand, soil, or any other environment it is in. It blends in and decides how best to overcome its prey.
Geographic Distribution


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