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Octisafell's gods

The Exalted Circle or Sacred Synod is a council of the gods made up of The Great Father and the eight lesser created gods. Luxaz who was known as the adversary, the accuser, the devourer, etc. was part of the circle, but 6,000 years ago in 4000 BG, he was cast out of the heavens by The Great Father. His crime was trying to be as powerful as The Great Father. At that time Luxaz began to rule the races of the world. He started twisting and distorting the human, elven, and dwarven races. This is where the dark races came from.

Two thousand years ago, eight shining beings fell onto Octisafell. Thus naming the planet Octisafell meaning eight came down. They were sent by the Great Father to watch over the inhabitants of Octisafell. These beings became the gods of Octisafell. Each god had their purview or domains over which they governed. Each god gave certain gifts to individuals living on Octisafell. They constituted the seven branches of magic plus the mastery of all seven. The eight gods and their names and color and domains of oversight are as follows:

Top level is the Great Father Below him are the nine created gods
  • Elios (god)- Red - Battle magic
  • Zaxtrus (god) - Orange - Building magic
  • Ketuna (goddess) - Yellow - Healing magic
  • Quinovian (god) - Green - Plant magic
  • Relkis (god) - Blue - Material magic
  • Siborha (goddess)- Indigo - Elemental magic
  • Gahara (goddess) - Violet - Animal magic
  • Ligrasil (god) - White - Mastery of all seven
  • Luxaz (god) - Black - Blood / Death magic
The temple and mage school in Tirfalon were dedicated to the eight gods and their respective branches of magic. The temple was created soon after the gods arrived on Octisafell. They were created by a gathering of all the light races on Octisafell. It was hoped that they would be places of worship and study for all races. While this was true, more humans attended than other races due to the proximity of the people to Tirfalon. There were smaller schools and temples built on the islands where the elves and gnomes lived as well as in Dronigath and the Sacala Desert. The dwarves even had their own in the Silvervein Mountains, where they lived. Each mage had to make a pilgrimage to Tirfalon to receive their official robes upon graduation.
Founding Date
1 AG
Religious, Pantheon

Before the gods

... 1 AG

The recorded time before the gods were sent onto the world.

  • -4000 BG

    All gods week

    Luxaz comes to Octisafell
    Religious event

    Luxas was kicked out of the heavens by The Great Father. He has run amock in the world changing the humans into orcs, goblins, drow elves, and all sorts of nasty beasties. This caused many wars between the races and dark races. The Great Father saw what was happening and decided to send the eight to correct / balance the evil influence of Luxaz.

  • -3750 BG

    Rise of the Orcs
    Cultural event

    Luxaz distorts humans o create the orcs and they begin to be a force on Octisafell.

  • -3000 BG

    The Drow break away
    Cultural event

    The Drow come to be when Luxaz kidnaps some light elves and transforms them into drow. The drow no longer fit with their elven brethren andbreak away from the light elves and go underground.

  • -1000 BG

    The Great Goblin War
    Military action

    The goblins, trolls, giants, ogres, and all the other lesser dark races combine to fight the despotic orcs.

  • -65 BG

    5 Relkir

    Peace Accords between elves and other races
    Political event

    The elves invite the dwarves, humans, gnomes, raptirians, giants, dragons, and other races to a summit to facilitate trade and peace agreements. This took place in Lothlindell and was very successful.

After the gods

1 AG and beyond

Time after the eight gods are sent to Octisafell.

  • 10 AG


    The Temple Fonded
    Construction beginning/end

    The start of construction of the Temple to the gods in Tirfalon.

  • 50 AG


    Temple construction ends
    Construction beginning/end

    Construction finishes on the Temple.

  • 51 AG


    Founding of Octischolarus Magus
    Construction beginning/end

    Construction begins on the mage school.

  • 90 AG


    Construction Ends on Octischolarus Magus
    Construction beginning/end

    Construction on Octischolarus Magus finishes

  • 1400 AG

    Fire Silk Road established
    Diplomatic action

    The Fire Silk Road is a trade route and organization formed to promote trade, trust, and peace among its members.

  • 1500 AG

    Dark Revolt
    Military action

    After the fall of the eight gods an goddesses, all of the dark species that Luxaz had changed revolted against him and fled underground.

  • 1800 AG

    Tralfangar Founded

    Tralfangar, The Black Tower, was repurposed from a ruined temple by Melafinner.

  • 1885 AG

    Fall Apple Festival Established
    Cultural event

    The Fall Apple Festival in Applefield was established to promote agriculture, craftsmanship, culture, and community in and aroud Applefield.

  • 1961 AG

    Queen Gwenaria's reign begins
    Political event

  • 1966 AG

    Formation of the Baronies & Border Wardens
    Political event

  • 1967 AG

    Formation of the Council of Peers
    Political event

  • 1970 AG

    Formation of the Council of the Guilds & Commoners
    Political event

  • 1971 AG

    Temple & Mage Councils Formed
    Political event

    The Temple and its priests decided that they should be represented in the government of Octiragrin. Once the mages saw the Temple had a council, they wanted a piece of the pie and formed their own councils.

  • 1972 AG

    Grand Council Formed
    Political event

    The Grand Council was formed from the Council of Baronies & Border Wardens, Council of Guilds & Commoners, Council of Peers, the Temple Council, and the Mage Council.

  • 1980 AG

    Treaty with Dronigath
    Political event

    Signing of the Peace & Trade Treaty with Dronigath - uneasy at best

  • 1985 AG

    Treaty of Peace & Trade with the Dwarves & Elves
    Political event

    Begining Trade Negotiations with the Dwarves & Elves - very tenuous & tricky

  • 2001 AG


    Present Day
    Life, Education

    The seven start their education at Octischolarus Magus.


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