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Void Rod

The Void Rod is the magical instrument that Luxaz created shortly after The Great Father expelled him from the heavens. Luxaz used it to distort and corrupt the light species into the dark species. It is black and seems to drink light and all good feeling from those around it. The metals of which it is made would normally produce a very bright silvery, metalic color, but some aspect of the magical forging process turned it dark. The rod somehow manipulates the structures of the very being of a creature to turn them into something that twists The Great Father's design. The rod's action is exceedingly painful when it is used on an individual.

The Void Rod was a very dreaded object to anyone who saw it. It immediately created a strong sense of dread and darkness in the mind of any being. The rod has been used on humans, elves, dwarves, raptirians, dragons, gnomes, animals, and plants. Anyone or anything it is wielded upon is corrupted in some way. The results vary each time and for each species it is used on.

Elves have beenturned into drow, humans into orcs, gnomes into goblins, many animals have been crossed with the sentient species to create hybrids, etc.

After the fall of the eight gods and goddesses the dark species rebelled during the Dark Revolt and stole the rod from Luxaz's stronghold. He has been searching for it and would do anything to get it back.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This is a simple rod, which was imbued with magical power that acts on a living being to change the structure of its essence to turn it into something dark.

Manufacturing process

Created in a volcano and imbued with magic during the forging.


Very important in Luxaz's grand scheme.
Item type
One of a kind.
10 oz.
7 in long, 6/10 of inch diameter
Raw materials & Components
A composite of Brillinium and steel.
Plain rod, no tooling.


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