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Black Sorcerer, Melafinner is the Master of The Black Tower, Tralfangar.

As he entered the room, it felt to the studuents like all the air, light, and joy were sucked out of the room as though to escape his presence. Melafinner stood well over six feet and had a dark and forbidding countenance. The glower he wore brought the students forcibly in mind of storm clouds gathering on the horizon. With long, straight, jet black hair, mustache, and piercing steel-colored eyes he did not evoke friendly feelings. He wore a black robe, open at the front showing pants, shirt, and tunic as dark as the void. His boots went to the knee and were matte black. He held in his left hand an ebony staff as tall as himself with an onyx gemstone at the top. He gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, "darken the door."

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