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The Anger

This is a condition which many do not believe exists. Most do not even know that it has been described as a condition worthy of further inspection. As this phenomenon continues, however, that may change. And by then, it may be too late.

"The Anger," such as it is, refers to a steadily increasing propensity for violence. While it is a global phenomenon, it is also difficult to categorize or pin down.

The term was coined by a member of an adventuring party known as Mother of Invention. The group had been working under a mercenary banner in one of the many southern land disputes with the certilians, but the soldier of fortune gig was a cover for work that involved infiltration and subterfuge. One of the party members was, herself, certilian. Her name was Inoursha and she played a key role in the downfall of a local certilian lord who had been conscripting soldiers on pain of death. She was also a part of Ailer's War, a peasant uprising, before joining Mother of Invention, and had been at Jernica when The Seam, certilian special forces, decimated most of her hometown. Remarking on the increase in violence and the things she had seen and heard in recent years, Mother of Invention's bard--her friend, Loric, a dark elf--recorded her as saying the following:

"Whenever I try to talk about it, all I ever hear is that it's war, it's just what happens and has always happened. Or that I have been too close to it, or that nothing is worse than it was the year before or the year before that. But it isn't true, any of it. It is worse, and it will continue to get worse. And this isn't just warlike tendencies or justifiable anger. This is something else, something palpable. This isn't just anger...this is The Anger. And it is sweeping away everything in its path."

Mother of Invention faced an end that is disputed to this day. Nine years ago, as they battled an elven lich king whose fortress had appeared in the sky over the capital city of Gorum in the south, an explosion lit up the night sky and the top of the sky castle exploded, sending massive chunks of stone and debris flying in all directions, killing many. The castle then dropped onto the castle below it in a horrendous spectacle of death. Almost a third of the city's population, which was nearly everyone in or near the lower castle, perished. Neither the lich king nor any members of Mother of Invention have been seen or heard from since. Their story, however, lives on thanks to the copious notes and songs kept by Loric, found in nearly unscathed condition in the wreckage. Loric himself, however, disappeared along with the rest of his friends.

Scholars, adventurers, queens, and the merely curious have since found Inoursha's words prophetic, for The Anger, such as it is, continues and there have been more lives lost to war and violence in the last nine years...since Mother of Invention's disappearance...than there were in the entire twenty-one years tenure of the adventuring group.

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