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They followed the smell of blood through the trees. Their cloven hooves clopped quietly on the moss that sprang back up behind them.   "Oo-oo," the youngest of them brayed at the sight of the body.   She had been precious once. Her beautious snow white splashed with sunlit gold had stirred the interest most every young bull 'maur in town now lay stained with blood. She lay still, her torso ripped open and her innards eaten.
They circled her and bowed their heads. Together they droned in deep melodious tones while Mimerk-Maqsen sang the canticle to carry her soul to the Bridge of Clouds.   From deep in the trees came a roaring laugh followed by the thud heavy hooves charging near. Dahk-Dagmar burst out of the trees. He stood two feet taller and twice as broad as he had been a mere week ago. His eyes gleamed with unholy orange. There was no salvation for him. Hefting up their axes, they bellowed war cries and purged him from the living

All In The Blood

  Brahmaur are born with the very same demonic blood as their bigger and more brutal kin who delight in the eating of people. Reverting back into such a beast is a terror deep within most every Brahmaur.  

Purity and Planning

  Back in the Days of Legend the god T'Ar spared the newborns within the cave lair of a herd of monstrous minotaurs he had purged of life. He raised these infants and taught them to never eat meat. They grew into intelligent beings who were smaller than their parents with the added blessing of being immune to magic during a time when the Hrokentorm. T'Ar warned them that the willful eating of meat or drinking of blood would awaken the demon blood sleeping within them. If any of them were to weaken and fall back into monstrosities, they would have to be purged from the living.   Since that ancient time, the Brahmaur have flourished. They live their lives as vegetarians though the lure of meat, especially meat cooked with flavor, calls to their blood. The children who are curious about meat are severely punished, especially if they persist in that curiousity. Such strictness is vital to save the child from a terrible doom from which there is no cure.  

The Cure

  There is no cure for a Brahmaur who has awakened their demon blood and reverted into a monster. All their fellow Brahmaur can do is kill them so they bring as little evil to the world as possible. For this, their is the holy order of Brahmaur monk called the Acolytes of T'Ar. They train all their lives to fight with horn, hoof, and axe to bring down the bigger and stronger monstrosities of their kind.

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Master Moondare
Laure Yates
4 Jul, 2021 11:55

I was looking for inspiration - this did the job. Something quite brutal and visceral, got me thinking. Looking forward to seeing the totally finished article.

4 Jul, 2021 12:36

So glad you got inspired! Thanx for reading. Not sure exactly when I will get it finished but I have more ideas for this one lol

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