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Albinism (Al-byn-izm)

A condition regarded with superstition among the Goblins

The condition of albinism is well documented in humans, though the condition itself remains rare.  Among Goblins, however, the situation is nigh unheard of, with only two known cases to have ever cropped up and those both among the Ip-Ara'dare.  In the first case, the affected individual was Durga Mithrilblade, son of Karr'tahl the Lawbringer, and his half-fiend wife Sharasoha.  The consummate propagandist, Sharasoha quickly convinced the superstitious goblins, that since this was unheard of, it was a sign from Sudenitsa that he was favored by the Gods!  Thus, Durga led a fairly charmed life with the goblins doing his every whim.  Resentful of the spoiled prat, the other goblins called him "Durga the Friendly Ghost" or just "Durga the Ghost", behind his back.   The second case was some 300 years later, in the modern time.  The child in this case was born to a goblin and Nila Sparklingsky, the Donna of the Gornan Sparklingskys and sister to Lorna, Prima Donna of the Sparklingskys.  Seeing the potentiality in her child, Nila named him Durga after his predecessor.  Durga was raised to be sharp, cunning, and charismatic.  He was given all the education he could want in the form of Goblin warfare, ie assassination.  And, the goblins, still being superstitious, believe him touched by the Gods.

Transmission & Vectors

Albinism can be transferred through congenitally, though scholars are unaware if goblins can pass the trait that way.


THe actual cause of albinism is a genetic deficiency that determines pigmentation, though the goblins heartily believe that it is a sign of Sudenitsa's favour


Those with Albinism are born with the condition, and it persists throughout their life.


There is no treatment for Albinism.


There is no reason that an Albino can't live a full and normal life providing that he avoids sun and bright lights.

Affected Groups

To date, the only goblins that have been affected are Ip-Ara'dare.


Among goblins, there have only been two recorded cases of Albinism, and both albinos rose to prominence among their people.

Cultural Reception

The superstitious goblins are a little taken aback by the appearance of an albino and more than a little scared of the child, who they believe is touched by the Gods.
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Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare

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