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Feared Medical Condition

As magic runs through Turien and its inhabitants, there is not much sickness and disease. Wounds occur as frequently as any other world with people interacting with other people and the environment around them. However, there is one sickness that is feared by some in Turien, in which the magic flows unnaturally through them.   Thankfully, most Turiens need not fear this condition as it primarily occurs in half races, even more so in those who do not have a Human half. This is thought to be because the different types of magic are raging in the half-races body, and in the case of Humans (who do not have magic), the half-magical side does not have anything to fight for magical supremacy with, and therefore most half-Humans do not get this condition. Most.   As magic is not seen by any of the races in Turien it does make it hard for Turiens to detect exactly what is going on. Fairies can feel magic, however, the Forest Elves do not want to disturb them for what is such a small thing. There are not many half-races on the continent and therefore this condition affects only a very minute percentage of the population. Some Fairies have had a look at a patient or two, hence it is confirmed that the different magics are the cause, though why they interact as such, and how to solve it is yet unknown.   One such Fairy, who may have been slightly drunk at the time, mentioned something about not giving the condition a name as it will limit further thought into the cause and cure. As the Forest Elf attempting to treat the patient was a Fairy fanatic, they made it an unofficial law to not name the condition.   Some see this condition as a warning against inter-racial unions, while others just see it as an unfortunate coincidence.






A patient may experience rare painful episodes, or they may be in constant pain as the magics rage within them. These will get worse over time, as their bodies grow and so too does their magic. Eventually, most patients will either implode or explode.


Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare
Affected students in the The All-Races Classroom:
- Jade Holmes 
- David Sphen


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