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The All-Races Classroom

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School Name
Astirrah High School
School District

Mid City


Miss Magenta Charles

School Nurse/Counsellor

Miss Maggie Grears


Reason for Classroom

Children of all the six major races are to be taught amongst the Human systems and acquire the knowledge and understandings of Human research. This is deemed appropriate in order to fulfill the mandate that no further research may take place among Humans unless the research is investigated by a research team that is comprised of at least one team member of each of the six major races. The students and teachers were selected by Hero Steve Brown before final approval by the current six members of The Council of Turien. At least one child of each race (half or whole) has been added to the classroom. Each child was selected based on their relationship importance to either the races or other Council assignments. Luckily for the Council (and Humans in general), there was already a Fairy who had decided to temporarily leave The Density and attend a Human school (whether the Hero had planned for this earlier and stuck his meddling hands in the decision is not a concern for the documentation). Thus, a full cohort was possible. Only one student was not pre-picked by the Hero and his team but had asked to follow her friend, as they had already attended a school together in the years beforehand, at least temporarily. A brief background check showed no major causes of concern.  

Council approval

Willmonth the 32nd, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

Signed by Lucas Asture (Head Council Member) on behalf of the Council of Turien.

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