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Astirrah High School

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  Not quite on the outskirts of Mid City, Astirrah High School (AHS) is a relatively nice school for where it is. The grounds are regularly maintained and it gives off an almost 'private' school vibe. This is due to the extra care the school's principle has put in, rather than the government funding covering it all.

 Due to the care of the principle for her school and her students,the All-Races Classroom  was added here. The principle is happy to accommodate any students who want to learn and better themselves. (Though she understands that sometimes they need to find the motivation to do so first.) 

This is partly reason she allows so many school activities that don't relate directly to academic knowledge, such as Athletics Day in week two of the school year, the camp held at the base of the mountain range (hundreds of kilometres away from the school/city) and their music/art/dance/drama festival.


The assessments follow most Human assessments with a variety of individual and group projects progress points (i.e short tests and quizzes for the teacher). However, AHS is quite flexible in working with their students on the best way to have students show off their learning and skills. Thus, their end of year festivals feature the students showing off their best work in various ways (such as magic shows, cooking stalls, reanactments, poster presentations and speeches).
End of Year Festival
The end of year festival is not a graded assessment, but is taken into account by teachers, mentors and career advisors. Each student chooses something they have leanrt throughout the year, and presents that knowledge during the festival.
The year 7 and 8 students are given the choice to do what they want however they want. They are only given as much direction as asked for, mostly to allow them to experience the festival for themselves and to enjoy as much as they can, while watching and learning what the older students come up with. There are often more sports and crafts oriented activities taken part in by these younger students.
The year 9 and 10 are fist given an overview of the different types of projects that are expected (or more easily referenced) for different academic or career advancement after the schooling years finish.
The year 11 and 12 students are much more heavily guided by the teachers on what projects (and how to implement them) are better for the areas they want to go into after school. AHS in particular are adamant on having the students choice preside over the teachers recommendation, and expect that the teachers will help guide the students down their chosen path, not force the student down the path the teacher thinks they will be going into.

School Layout

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Class 6C
6C is the stage 6 class belonging to Miss Charles. As the current time there are 20 students enrolled in year 11. They are the participants of the first All-Races Classroom and are attempting to hide in this school as Humans (or Beast-kin). The classroom itself is warded with a number of barriers (by Miss Charles), including sound and (effectively) magic barriers.


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