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Chimeric Syndrome

Popping up here and there in various regions of Omnusat Island "Medical Clinics" have been observed to appear for a few weeks at a time before vanishing in the night. These clinics offer a variety of Alchemical services for cut-rate prices. Those down on their luck or perhaps seeking to pinch a few pennies and still get their alchemical needs fulfilled are common customers for these pop-up clinics.   It is rumored that these clinics are a 'test run' of a new service for one (or more) of the corporations in The Ashlands (Country). It would lead to reason that the Tridoch Corporation is responsible for these clinics, but the official logos and uniforms of the staff present actually suggest that they are in fact the work of Behemoth Incorporated.   The majority of those who take advantage of these clinics find their problems resolved with minimal undesired side effects. However: some portion of those who are given these treatments find themselves exhibiting side effects or symptoms which are quite unexpected.


Some of those who use the services of these clinics begin to experience symptoms which range from mild to extreme. Reported symptoms reported include the following:  
  1. Extra Eyes - Usually in symetrical sets:: Either the same style as the original set, feline, reptilian, or pure red.
  2. Fur - A coat of fur on preiously smooth skin.
  3. Claws - A set of retractable claws taking the place of fingernails.
  4. Horns - One or more horns emerging from the skull overnight.
  5. Wings - Membraneous or Scaled wings sprouting from the back.
  6. Elemental Breath - Accidental discharge of a previously unknown Breath Weapon.
  7. Regeneration - Unusually fast rate of healing following treatment, potentially including regrowth of missing limbs.
  8. Scales - A growth of scales covering previously smooth skin.


Anyone experiencing side effects listed above or other unusual phenomenon should contact the clinic where they were treated so they can be promptly treated in a facility equipped to assist their unique situation.   Some folks of course choose to keep their newfound condition to themselves and simply enjoy the effects.

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