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White Warp

White warp, coalwarp, or just "the warp" is an unfortunate condition caused by frequent and constant exposure to raw magical energies. This cause is often associated with those who expose themselves to white coal smoke without sufficient protection. It is often seen in pylon workers, or mages and artificers who work with white coal and choose not to protect themselves.


White warp is quite aptly named. In less severe cases, its most noticeable symptom comes in the form of white splotches that appear on the skin, typically on the hands or face, which are the places most often directly exposed to its causes. These splotches are more noticeable on those with darker skin, but they are non-obvious only on the palest of those affected. The second symptom of white warp is less obvious in mild cases, but when a person is heavily affected it is impossible to ignore. To put it simply, a person begins to... warp. Their bone structure might shift slightly, or their skin might become unusually tight in one spot, but loose in another. One eye might be slightly higher than the other. Small disfigurements, rarely severe enough to cause any real issue, but they build up, completely transforming a person's looks. While magic that removes curses is capable of reversing recent warping, for the most part white warp is unfortunately a permanent condition.

Cultural Reception

While white warp is not dangerous, it can certainly kill one's social life. Some find looking upon the warped rather sickening, and shun them for it. Even some of those who do not blatantly decry the warped find it hard to hold conversation with them, as the subtle shifting of features can tip them right into the uncanny valley. Due to this, pylon workers who are not provided with the protective equipment they need can unfortunately find themselves ostracized, though ironically they are the ones who keep the Waste running more than anyone else.
Chronic, Acquired

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