Disability - The Adventurer's Malady

A common sight on the streets of Akorros are pitiful wretches, sitting on a street corner on a scrap of rug with a cap in front of them and a sign begging for a few coins to buy food.   Such unfortunates are not uncommon in any city, but somehow they seem more prevalent in Akorros, and there does seem to be a higher proportion who have twisted or missing limbs, and who, when they pack up for the day and hobble off to wherever they shelter for the night, move with the help of a stick or crutch.   Not all such cripples live on the streets. Others pass their time in alehouses and bars, looking for sympathetic listeners. Spend a bit of coin to treat one to a hot meal or a drink, and you may find they have tales to tell of adventures they have had, fantastical beasts they have encountered, and magical scrapes they have survived, maybe on the streets of Akorros, maybe out in the wilderness.   Yes, many of these have fallen foul of "The Adventurer's Malady" - coming off second-best in some encounter and losing limbs, suffering broken bones, and having their very skin warped and damaged, so that they can no longer keep up with their former compatriots on the trail. And so they are left to scrape a living how they can, living off memories and the generosity of strangers.   Many of them are still of sound mind, and they have all the memories and knowledge they built up over their years, so if you are heading off on a quest, you may find it worth spending the time with one or other of them, and maybe you can learn from their mistakes.   The trick is finding the one with the knowledge you need...


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